10′ x 20′ Forming Capabilities at Plastic Fabricating

10' x 20' Forming Oven

10' x 20' Forming Oven at Plastic Fabricating

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A few months ago, we added a Shuman 10’ x 20’ thermoforming oven to our ever growing portfolio! This will give us the ability to form much larger items than ever before (previously we were limited to an 8’ x 12’ format) and allow us to expand into many new industries. The new oven has top and bottom heaters and a 24” stroke. This is perfect for all of your larger format needs. We also offer many CNC finishing options we will talk about in our next post.

We are excited to work on new larger format projects, please call Plastic Fabricating with any questions you may have 801-262-6994 or 800-479-6568.

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